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The fresh new 10 Extremely Liberal Countries internationally


Liberalism means a political doctrine one to stresses toward protecting the fresh new liberty and you may rights of citizenry. Liberals view the bodies just like the a supply that handles citizens out of internal and external dangers however, meanwhile understand that government entities alone would be a risk toward independence of your owners. In the brochure Common sense (1776), Western philosopher Thomas Paine compared government entities so you're able to a beneficial “requisite worst.” Laws enforcers, Judiciary, additionally the constitution should protect individuals' right, property, and freedom but in some instances, the same establishments might possibly be accustomed resistant to the individual.

The latest popular politics of twenty-first 100 years are facing this new difficulties off devising governments you to definitely cover the fresh versatility of its people and you may preventing those in power regarding flexing its human anatomy against the masses. Most liberals throughout the late nineteenth 100 years highlighted the government can protect and you can bring this new freedom men and women.