Strongly believe in doing good and doing well


The team enforces a rigorous ‘Buyer Code of Conduct’ to ensure the highest ethical sourcing and production standards. All team members undergo extensive training to gain awareness, knowledge and necessary skills to meet compliance requirements. Systematic inspection process, audits and comprehensive vendor education ensure production from socially responsible vendor partners. We have our own compliance team who can ensure all of our factories to be fully compliance based on buyer code of conduct. And we are really committed to maintain the good working environment in the factory and daily.


Fire and safety:

Only having firefighting equipment is not suffice to fight against fire. It requires adequate training for each and every employee and needs emergency evacuation drills on regular basis. We provide to every employee fire fighting training by a group of trained fire-fighters.


Structural safety:

Building structural safety is one of our paramount concerns. For examining the structural design of our building we have appointed a third party independent professional and qualified structural engineering company and after carrying out due diligence on structural design of our building, the engineering company issued a certificate certifying that the building is safe for operating a garment factory like Elegant Sourcing (bd). We enclosed herewith the said certificate for the consideration of our clients.

Fire & Building inspection daily checklist:

“Only making rules for fire and building safety is not suffice to secure the working place. A daily inspection and keeping record on regular basis is the crux of securing the working place. Our dedicated Fire and Building Safety Inspector carry out the inspection regularly on the basis of the following checklist:”


Health care:

This Employees’ Health Care Manual (EHCM) is designed to keep the physical and mental health of all employees in good condition so that they can remain healthy which is very much necessary for the Company as well as for their society. Employees mean executives, operators, helpers and all workers, part time or full time. Company means Elegant Sourcing (bd) .

Health Care Exercise means any acts under which a team of doctors, nurses or recognized paramedics will carry on Primary Physical Examination or Major Physical Examination of all Employees of the Company. Primary Physical Examination (PPE) means checking blood pressure, hepatitis, malnutrition, blood sugar, T.B and respiratory system by way of non-invasive measure.


Day care:

If you walk through our doors and you’ll immediately feel at home. We’ve created a fun, safe and loving environment at our daycare center where children receive the educational and developmental opportunities needed for a healthy start in life. Our goal is to maximize each child’s learning potential by stimulating intellectual growth, building self-confidence and developing social skills they’ll carry into adulthood. Our activities encourage language development, creative expression, motor coordination and social and emotional skills. We are committed to ensuring children are ready to compete on equal footing with their counterparts. Our Salt Lake daycare programs give children a strong foundation for social and academic success.


Personnel Hygiene:

Personal hygiene in the working place and implementation of hygiene standards and procedures for your staff is one of the basic rules to keep the staff healthy which contribute to gain the optimum level of productivity.

Our facilities:



As a part of total remuneration, the salary is provided strictly in line with national labor regulations. Elegant Sourcing (bd) is committed to offer attractive salary to workers to make itself an even more attractive place to work comparing with other companies in the industry.



To value the additional effort of the workers and to motivate them, Elegant Sourcing (bd) provides overtime that is double of basic salary per hour. But the company never forces the workers to work for more than 2 hours per day in addition to normal working hour.



Workers do not need to go outside the factory with their lunch to find a dining place. It is inside the factory – a special dining room with special sitting and presentation facilities. Workers can sit with their meals in this room. And the company provides them with free and fresh drinking water during their lunch.



All the workers are provided with special uniform to wear during their work. It is pure cotton – gives comfort during their work. And, of course, it is green – attaches the total work environment with nature. Mask: All the workers wear specially designed green masks. It protects the worker from dust and many other toxic materials in the air. In sections like finishing section, workers wear masks as well as gloves that protect them from probable chemical reactions of spot remover.


Other facilities:


Elegant Sourcing (bd) provides all its workers with 2 festival bonuses – each one equal to one month’s basic salary.

Company also provides yearly increment on the basis of national labor regulations after the worker fulfills 1 year of working in the company.

To encourage all the workers to maintain their office attendance, a monthly as well as yearly attendance bonus considering their average daily attendance time and number of attendance per year.

Elegant Sourcing (bd) is also providing transportation facilities to all its workers who are residing far away from the factory. And, of course –

To value the invaluable Motherhood – all the female workers, who are going to be new mothers, are provided with monthly and yearly maternity leave for up to 112 days.